Friday, 6 July 2012

A sweetheart for Mr Jones

The rain never seems to stop - everything and everyone is damp, miserable and wondering whether the sun will shine ever again.  However, there was one bright afternoon when Mr Jones managed to join myself and a good friend for a small picnic by the Loch with strawberries.  How I love strawberries.  On a dull day there rich bright red can a bring a smile to anyone's face.  Despite feeling a tad under the weather, I had a great day today in my studio with fur and fluff flying everywhere in the quest to make a big bear, a sailor outfit and finish a new bemused bunny!

There is also a new bear sitting on my table with a little smile.......I think she may be a girlfriend for Mr Jones and her name is Miss Sophie.  A little shy, she will wait until she is completed before she shows her face!


  1. Miss Sue, you got tummy troubles? Please feel better real soon.

    Oh, a beargirl friend for Mr. Jones? ♫ Love is in the air.....♫


  2. Dear Miss Sophie, we are looking forward to seeing your face. I think hearts and flowers are what Mr. Jones needs to have ready.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Hello Miss Sophie
    We hope that you find Mr. Jones as endearing and handsome as we do. He must have had many, many interesting life experiences and will be most entertaining to be with.
    Don't be shy! Wave a paw to us all as soon as possible because we love meeting new bears, hedgies and other creatures. Oh, we quite like humans too!
    Hetty xxx
    PS Are there any summery dresses left, Auntie Sue? I could do with extending my wardrobe a little. H xxx