Friday, 8 June 2012

Not forgetting Mr Jones!

Just in case any fans of Mr Jones are concerned in case I have forgotten to pack Mr Jones and Philpot to take to Stratford this weekend I would like to allay their fears!  They made their presence felt as I was scurrying around this morning getting ready for the journey and now they are safely installed in my rucksack.  Mr Jones is taking his boat and hopes to sail it on the river Avon and he secretly loves to read a little Shakespeare in his spare time!


  1. Dear Mr. Jones and Phillpot. I'm so pleased you both are going to have a little holiday. Sailing boats is the best fun, may be you could have a race. I'm looking forward to pictures when you come home. Mum will have far less to pack coming home, because she will have sold lots and lots of her bears and hedgies. So you won't be squished at all.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  2. Hi Mr. Jones, Hi Phillpot;

    Oh boy, sailing - that sounds like lots of fun. Have a fun trip.

    Prudence ♥

  3. We are about to hibernate for a couple of days. I do hope the torrential rain and gale force winds don't get as far as Stratford, or your little boat might sail away with you on board. Make sure your moorings are strong - just incase!
    Our bore hole pump has flooded and we've no water. That means no tea to wash down the honey sandwiches- so off to bed until the pump man can get here on Tuesday.
    Please post when you are home, just so that we know you didn't get swept away. Give Philpot a rubber ring or life jacket.
    Lots of love,
    Trumble and Hetty xxxxxx

  4. Lovely photo, hope the little fellows have a good holiday - my Little Ted jumps into an overnight bag at the slightest hint of a trip away!

    Nicki, x

  5. Just visited your blog from Blog-train what a lovely read with gorgeous photos.
    jo x

  6. Thanks so much! We had a great day in town today and Mr Jones has even more pics for me to stick in his album. Bear show going well today; and I am trying not to buy Even More mohair for my stash!