Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pudsey Doll and Teddy Fair

It was an excellent fair at Pudsey in Leeds - there was a good buzz around the hall and a feeling of excitement - something harder to find these days at doll and teddy fairs. I think the new organisor had worked really hard to inject new enthusiasm into it and it worked. I was surrounded by antique dolls - not good for me as my eyes kept wandering over to them while I was supposed to be handing hedgehogs to new owners!

I fell in love with this girl - made by William Goebel around 1910. Apparently she was dressed by the company as 'Becassine', a popular character from a French storybook at that time. After doing some research I found a lot of images of the little Becassine character and I must admit that the doll has the same sort of look in the face!


  1. Becassine! I grew up reading Becassine books and her adventures in my mother's tatty, but much loved copies of La Semaine de Suzette from her own childhood. Sadly my French barely improved beyond that level!
    I have a little Becassine doll that I must introduce to Hetty.
    What a lovely girl the doll is. Does she live with you now?
    Hetty will need a summer dress soon. I'll email after the next show is over. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

  2. Ahh thats wonderful! I would love to read some Becassine stories but unfortunately I cannot read French - I wasnt very good at it at school! Yes, this doll lives with me now - she is sitting in the old wooden chair my great Grandfather made. I will look forward to making Hetty's summer dress!