Friday, 16 March 2012

My new gadget

I love old things, vintage fabrics, the feel of the old leather on ancient suitcases; everything and anything with a touch of nostalgia. However I do have a confession to make! I also have a passion for the latest makes my heart melt to hear the the little digital bleep a camera makes and I hug my iphone like a teenager at times! It is hard to believe that when I was a child all these things were unheard of.

Anyway I do tend to have a steady turnover of outdated gizmos so I gathered them together and said a farewell - waving them goodbye as they travelled to the big ebay place. What a relief to cull the amount of snakey leads winding dangerously and curling in dark corners.

What! No gizmos? That would not be possible. I am now the proud owner of another - I was so smitten by one that I saw at the Bear Festival in London I bought one from the same litter! It is a Samsung Galaxy Note which has a really large screen but much smaller than a tablet. Ideal for taking with me to fairs and events with pics of bears and hedgies (and of course my cat).

The above pictures were taken using the Paper Camera App which is enjoyed by so many users.

I like the effect!


  1. Oh, pretty kitty.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. Hi Sue,
    like the way you see, with new apps, seems Android haven't got this magic touch, but they still have some interesting view on nostalgic brown tone and funny distortion.

  3. All the hedgehogs on that bench look so happy to be in that photo, they're all smiling and loving having their photos taken :)
    Your cat certainly knows he or she belongs too!