Saturday, 18 February 2012

A new playroom!

I have a lovely big studio of three rooms in nearby Paisley where I make all the animals - some of you may have visited it in the last few years! A tumble of mohair and piles of cotton fabric pieces always greet the eye when the door is first opened but I love that place with a dedicated space for all the messy work!

However, when I close the door and come home each day my fingers still itch to make something - paint a picture or cut out paper to make something interesting but useless!! I have so many crafty things at home it is a puzzle where to put them all and inevitably they get crammed into inaccessible cupboards and boxes thus making them impossible to use in a hurry...

Sooooo at last we have found time and energy to sort everything out at home and make a room to hold every last bit of crafty stuff and art materials (thousands of colouring pencils!!). I am so excited as it has taken a long time coming.

The beautiful cabinets on the left hand side were made by Alex at Eureka - all holding LOADS of those handy plastic A4 and 12x12 boxes. Each one is crammed to the brim with every single craft gadget you can think of. My lovely desk is just gasping to be used for drawing and painting and the cupboard houses my cut down collection of craft books (and my own published books)

The Cath Kidston cushion on the small drawers is for.........guess......the cat. I was so happy and relieved when she recognised it as such and obligingly curled up on it!

Now for the next problem....I feel like a small girl with too many toys to play with and not enough time. After all I DO have a very important bear fair to attend next weekend and lots of pieces to finish for that. If I could just give up sleeping it would give me so much more time but like a small round bear I do need that hibernation.

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  1. Hi Sue,

    Your craft room is beautiful, and so glad it has the "kitty paw of approval". (o: That's the most important, you know.

    And, I see a little teddy bear watching over things. (o:

    Happy crafting.