Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Winter long sleeved dress for Miss Matty (and Hetty)

Poor Hetty is feeling the cold it seems but I am told she will soon have a warm shawl to keep her shoulders warm! She also needs a long sleeved dress so here is a brushed cotton dress with a variety of patterns - very festive but will be in fashion even after Christmas! Elasticated sleeves, one pearly button. Comes wrapped in a little dress box so that it can be a gift for any discerning hedgehog of 8"!! The price for the dress including postage and packing is £7. Let me know if you would like one and which colour.....


  1. Thank you Sue!
    Sh! Hetty's new clothes are a secret, but we know she'll be thrilled on Christmas morning.
    Jenni (and Trumble Gardener-Bear) xxxx

  2. Hehe....I am sure Hetty will enjoy them!