Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hurricanes and hedgehogs!

What terrible weather! We have stayed indoors today as the hurricane is building up even more strength - our poor little lodge feels battered. Amber the cat is hiding deep inside the duvet and we havent seen her for hours!! I have spent my time tidying my art table which is always hard work........


  1. Take care, Sue. What a day!
    We have just seen our garden fence do a Mexican wave and then collapse. It's a surprise that we still have electricity, the power lines are usually the first victim of this type of weather.

  2. Sounds horrible, I hope you are safe and no damage is done to your house or garden. Probably a bit much to expect the garden not to be touched.
    It is always such a lot of work to clean up afterwards.
    I hope the Hedgies are safe.