Saturday, 10 December 2011

As it was Saturday Tilly had a nice long sleep and woke up very late! Then it was all panic because she had almost forgotten that she had friends coming round for dinner.... The table was completely covered in art materials, and the floor was littered with bits of paper and sparkle.

Fortunately for Tilly there was something tasty in the fridge so all was not lost.....

After lots of tidying up and huffing and puffing with the brush and pan everything started to look spick and span.

Just enough time left for another little nap before the friend's arrival. After all it is hibernation time now isnt it?


  1. Ah, Tilly have a wonderful time with your friends.


  2. Tilly, you look so snuggley in your little bed.
    Enjoy your special time with friends.

  3. Hello Tilly!
    I suggest you go back to hibernation for a few days until the next round of stormy weather passes. Then, when you wake up, it will be almost Christmas.
    Hope it doesn't affect the Paisley Christmas Fair, Sue, and that lots more of your animals find their forever homes.
    Jenni xxx