Saturday, 14 May 2011

I thought I would show you my new project! It is a story about Tilly the hedgehog who opens a shop. What sort of shop would you like to see her open? If I get any replies I will incorporate that in the next bit of the story!

A few new greetings cards designs I have been working on for the next show. I would like to spend a little more time painting and drawing now I have finished the animation course!


  1. Hi Miss Sue,

    Well, I think it will be a little shop for teddy bears & other woodland animals who need a good home & family. Like a "bear-phanage". (o:


  2. Hi Prudence!
    Ok - I will work on that one!!

  3. can i say Bakery shop,Sue? wish hedgehog will love to eat biscuit as me :)
    my hubby also took his animation class long time ago, um, you would be busy with your 'Maya', looking forward to see more.

  4. Hi Sue
    I love both the above ideas. My daughter is setting up a tearoom in Brighton, but plans to sell other little items alonside the food - so maybe your hard working hedgie could offer two services in one, as well. A bear-phanage that offers cakes to visitors who come to adopt, perhaps?

  5. Does your hubby like Maya, Susana? I much preferred Lightwave - Maya is driving me potty but I am sure it will be great once I can use it.....
    OOO some good ideas for the shop - I had better get cracking! Thanks all.

  6. oh so sorry for the late reply, Sue, me and my hubby appreciate your efforts in creation, he suggested the Maya 3D software is the best in the world and should be the 1st priority to learn and it's really expensive too, enjoy the time of being a student with this chance ;)