Friday, 29 April 2011

Bluebells and Bunny Hill

The Nottingham Bear Fair at Patchings on Easter Monday was a fabulous day - thank you very much to those who came to adopt a friend from my table! It was especially nice that I met some very old friends from long ago; it really made my day.

I couldnt resist yet another peek at the art shop and yes I bought another wad of paper to add to my toppling pile of unused stuff in the cupboard! Note to self: must get drawing and painting again to vindicate this art material impulse.... I have taken a liking to try to sketch trees - I have always loved trees but very hard to capture.

We were staying at my brothers house in East Leake, and on the Saturday we went to Bunny Hill. When I was very young I used to call it bluebell woods and even tried to find it on the map!

The walk through the woods was beautiful and the bluebells were stunning - just as I remember.

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