Thursday, 16 December 2010

Attack of the giant guinea pig!!

When asked if I could make a 36" long haired guinea pig I never imagined just how much work it would involve! I bought and used a whole angora goat hide and the hair is magnificent - every scrap was used in conjuction with some white long haired fibre. He is sitting happily on my rocker here but is intended to stand resting his paws on a ledge! I never knew what a long haired guinea looked like but now I do........what fun! I nearly disappeared inside when trying to fill his bottom.


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  2. he's not scary, Sue. cute and a little bit lonely ;(

  3. 'He' is now a 'she' and she isn't lonely any more! She is here with me, Ian and 3 gorgeous, excited guineas - Fairy, Marigold and Mariella . . . and we LOVE her! Thank you so much for such a wonderful creation! We haven't settled on a name as yet but we have a few ideas.

    Thanks again and Happy, happy Christmas! Anita x

  4. Anita, I am so glad you love her! I was so worried in case she got lost in the post or if you didnt like her:) Isnt her fur lovely?
    Thanks for letting me know.