Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My Aunty Shirley was the most wonderful person you could meet and has always been a source of inspiration and love to so many throughout her life - delivering thousands of babies in her duties as a District Midwife in her younger days. We will miss her but will always be there for us......


  1. Dearest Sue,

    It's those wonderful memories that keep our hearts from breaking when a loved one passes. I know very well. And it's okay to cry - heck sometimes I cry walking down the baked beans isle at the grocery store. My precious Mom loved to make baked beans for my hubby - and I hated them. Silly things that we remember. And it's okay.

    You don't have to be strong or put on a brave front - loving is missing and missing makes you cry.

    Write if you need a shoulder and I will do the same.

    Hugs, friend, plenty of hugs to you.


  2. Thank you Joyce - I so appreciate those words. I can just see her beside me! On the evening of the funeral, my brother and I sat looking at a Victorian family album. The music box in it had not been working for about 40 years. Suddenly as both our hands touched the album the music box started to play a most beautiful tune even though there was no spring inside the movement!