Monday, 23 August 2010

Getting ready for the next fairs!

Tiny Tilly getting her suitcase packed ready for the weekend! Off to Falkirk for the fair on Sunday and then down to Nottingham Patchings for Monday. My fingers have to work overtime for a few days to catch up - I have been doing a lot of travelling these last few weeks and the sewing has been neglected! My apologies to any readers......


  1. Dear Sue,

    Tiny Tilly is a sweetheart. So precious. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to take some "me" time for yourself.

    Joyce & The Bears

  2. Tiny Tilly looks adorable - as are all your creations. Looking forward to the fair on Sunday, too :)

  3. My husband treated me to a Tiny Tillie at the Glamis Country Fair on Saturday. She is in a lovely cotton dress with a multicoloured hand knitted sweater. Her eyes were newly opened on the morning of the fair and she thoroughly enjoyed her trip up here to the Moray coast on Sunday. She is sitting on her suitcase in the lounge where we can see each other every day.