Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A very dear friend and collector from Germany has bought Neptune - a big bear of 24" made in a lovely mohair in an unusual colour. She asked if I could add a lace collar and I must admit that he does look rather handsome in it! I just love antique laces and I like to think of the patience of the ladies who painstakingly made it so long ago.
I packed him up carefully - the box was just big enough and he looked quite comfortable and snug. Trips to the post office are always an adventure as the queues there are huge but the parcel is on its way to Germany.
It was a welcome break from my activities this week. I am completely immersed in.....SHOES!
I have always had a love of tiny shoes but not many of my creations wear them. In fact not many of them even would want to......However, I have just had the opportunity of buying some gorgeous fine leather which would be perfect for mini footwear so this week I have put things aside to make way for glue....leather....mess.... Wonderful fun though.
Last week it was hand dyed boiled wool cardis making the mess...this week its shoes. I keep thinking about the 'Elves and the Shoemaker' and perhaps that might be the next project on the list. I had better not get too carried away though as I do have some orders to fulfill and the next bear fair to prepare for.

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  1. Dear Miss Sue,

    It sounds like you are having a fun, fur week. And that is what makes an artist happy. We would love to see photos of your tiny shoes.

    Enjoy every moment and have a lovely "rest of the week".

    Prudence & Sister
    (Mom too!)